Good tips to use the gas stove safely

Good tip for you – Use the stove safely

πŸ›‘ With the frequency of using gas stoves increasing in recent years, ensuring safety is one of the most important criteria. This is also considered a topic that never gets old.

πŸ€ To avoid unwanted problems, please note the following issues with Paloma:

β‘  Choose a reputable product

This is the first and most basic note for safe kitchen use. Investing in a kitchen product should be taken seriously because this is an appliance that will be used every day.

β‘‘ The kitchen space needs to be airy

When cooking, the stove creates steam and exhaust gases during the cooking process that cause humidity, negatively impacting the kitchen atmosphere and reducing the lifespan of the stove.

β‘’ Gas lines need to ensure quality

The connection between the gas tank head and the stove’s mounting head needs to ensure a good connection to avoid leaks.

β‘£ Lock the valve and turn off the stove after use.

Clean the stove properly regularly to use the stove safely, effectively and for a long time.

β‘€ Clean the Kitchen regularly

Cleaning the gas stove regularly will avoid rust caused by impurities. In particular, promptly handle foreign objects that clog injectors.


πŸ“ Established in 1911, Paloma Group is a pioneer in the field of providing gas-powered household appliances in Japan. We are always proud to be a company that provides top quality, absolutely safe gas products to consumers.

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