Why are PALOMA gas stoves always popular?

Why are PALOMA gas stoves always popular?

Currently, there are many different kitchen appliances on the market, but have you ever wondered why PALOMA GAS KITCHEN is always popular and the top choice of consumers?

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of gas stoves with Paloma:

Compatible with all types of cooking pots: Gas stoves can be used for all types of cooking pots and pans without being picky about any material.

  1. – Eliminate worries about power outages: Operated by gas and the Mageto or IC ignition mechanism is not dependent on electrical energy.
  2. – Diverse, modern, sophisticated design: With increasingly high aesthetic standards, Paloma gas stoves completely meet the highest criteria.
  3. – Top safety: Safety mechanisms as well as safety functions are always met on Paloma products.
  4. – Save on cooking costs: With ECO burners, exclusive technology from Paloma, Paloma gas stoves save up to 10% of gas consumption compared to conventional burners.
  5. – More flavorful food flavors: With high-performance burners providing a large amount of heat, the flavor of the food will be fully preserved.
  6. – In addition, the fire in the family is a symbol of warmth, togetherness, and special happiness during each Tet season.

For the above reasons, gas stoves have become a product that is never considered outdated and is always a priority choice for housewives.


📍Established in 1911, Paloma Group is a pioneer in the field of providing gas-powered household appliances in Japan. We are always proud to be a company that provides top quality, absolutely safe gas products to consumers.

📍Paloma products have been present for many years at Dien May Xanh, Nguyen Kim, Mediamart, HC supermarkets and electronics stores nationwide.

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