Grandchef Premium

*For Japanese Domestic Market

Top plate

Hyperglass coat


Shine red x red / Gold x Pearl Ivory 

Ignition type

Continuous spark (battery)


Cooking rice, porridge, boiling water, stewing food

Timer (1 - 99 minutes)

Flame failure device

Si / Burning safety device / Burning fire extinguish

Fire extinguishing function if you forget to turn off the stove after 120 minutes

Flame trap/grill overheat prevention

Grill functions

Double-sided grilled without water

Auto menu function

Timer (1 - 15 minutes)

Flame trap / grill overheat prevention

Fire extinguishing function if you forget to turn off the grill after 15 minutes


595x496x220 (mm)


18 (kg)

LP Gas consumption

Strong fire power: 4.2 (kw) Standard: 2.95 (kw) Grill: 2.02 (kw)

Gas connection

Ø 9.5 (mm)

Country of origin


Grandchef Premium gas stoves PA-A98WCR-R/L, and PA-A98WCJ-R/L are some of the most high-end gas stove product lines, designed for the Japanese domestic market. The product is equipped with the most modern features of Paloma.




  • A glossy enamel steel plate coated with two layers of glass. It is scratch-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it cracking even if you drop something heavy on it, so you can use it for a long time with peace of mind
  • Packing is attached to two locations (outer diameter and inner diameter) of the burner ring. Prevents dirt from entering..
  • The high-quality aluminum alloy burners help to keep the flam blue, not blackening the bottom of the pot, saving fuel and cooking time.
  • Equipped flame failure device to automatically turn off the gas when the fire was off.
  • Equipped Si sensor for fire extinguishing during cooking if you forget to turn off the stove after 120 minutes.
  • High-temperature frying function.
  • Stewing function.
  • Automatically rice cooking, water boiling.
  • Timer setting for stove and grill.
  • Safety mode to auto-turn off the gas after 30 minutes.
  • Double-sided grilled without water, fire extinguisher, auto-turn off the grill after 15 minutes.
  • Continuous spark (battery) ignitor type.
  • Easy to install, clean, and maintain if necessary.
  • There are 2 colors of this product line: PA-A98WCR-R/L, PA-A98WCJ-R/L