*For Japanese Domestic Market

Top plate

Enamel (Platinum black / Natural white)

Ignition type

Continuous spark (battery)


Flame failure device

Si / Burning safety device / Burning fire extinguish

Fire extinguishing function if you forget to turn off the stove after 120 minutes or 30 minutes in safety mode

High temperature frying


315x521.5x151 (mm)


5.5 (kg)

Gas consumption - LP

Strong fire power: 3.5 (kw) Standard: 1.3 (kw)

Country of origin


Compact built-in gas stove PKD-230B and PKD-230H are compact built-in gas stove product lines designed for the Japanese domestic market. The product is equipped with top modern features from Paloma.


  • The stove is compactly designed to suit small kitchen spaces.
  • Packing is attached to two locations (outer diameter and inner diameter) of the burner ring, prevents dirt from entering, increasing product life and making it easy to clean.
  • The high-quality aluminum alloy burner helps create a green flame, not blackening the bottom of the pot, saving fuel and cooking time.
  • Equipped safety sensor that automatically shuts off the gas when the fire suddenly turns off.
  • Equipped heat sensor at the bottom of the pot (Si sensor) to help control the temperature during cooking, prevent burning at the bottom of the pot, automatically turn off the stove when overheating or cook continuously for 120 minutes.
  • High-temperature frying mode.
  • Safe cooking mode automatically turns off after 30 minutes.
  • Continuous spark (battery) ignitor type.
  • Easy to install, clean, and repair when necessary.
    The product line has 2 color versions to choose from: PKD-230B, PKD-230H