Table gas stove - Made in Japan

Top plate




Ignition type

Push and turn the spark ignition

Safety device

Flame failure device


560x363x125 (mm)


4.8 (kg)

Gas consumption

Left side: 2.4 (kw) Right side: 1.95 (kw)

Gas connection

Ø 9.5 (mm)

Country of origin


PA-J51CE gas stove is the latest generation of gas stoves with many improvements compared to previous generations of Paloma products. Products are manufactured and imported directly from Japan.


The top plate was designed to fit close to the burners to prevent water and food from falling into the stove, helping to increase product life and make cleaning easy.

The high-quality copper burners help to keep the fire blue, do not blacken the bottom of the pot, and save fuel and cooking time.

Equipped safety device to automatically turn off the gas when the fire was turned off suddenly

Continuous ignition by twist-type battery helps to operate gently and accurately

Easy implementation, cleaning and maintenance when needed